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Councilor Clinton P. Woods

Birmingham City Councilor Clinton P. Woods serves as Chair of the Governmental Affairs Committee and is a member of the Education, Transportation, and Planning and Zoning Committees.

Councilor Woods grew up in District 1 and fondly recalls walking to school and playing baseball at Huffman Ball Park. "I remember a time when we truly had everything. A movie theater, a skating rink, and grocery stores. We didn't have to leave the community for anything." Woods firmly believes that the opportunities to attract sustainable businesses back into  District 1 exist. However, he knows this resurgence requires innovative solutions, community engagement, and collaboration from our local, state and federal partners.

He strongly advocates rebuilding communities by implementing sustainable economic and educational opportunities. In addition, he believes that improving the quality of public education will help reverse the negative trend of residents leaving the city. "We must fight to create excellent communities where our children receive a quality education, and our families have access to quality businesses." Woods possesses a unique skill set and believes he can play an integral role in achieving this vision.

He is a member of the Rock City Church. This ministry has afforded him the opportunity to work directly with people by providing food, clothing, school supplies, and financial literacy training to members and families in the community.

Woods serves on the advisory board for Mission Increase Central AL, a non-profit organization providing free fundraising and organizational training to non-profit organizations throughout central Alabama. Mission Increase has been impactful in building the non-profit community throughout the country, and Councilor Woods is excited about what Mission Increase can accomplish in Birmingham.

Councilor Woods graduated with a Bachelor's Degree of Science in Economics from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga before earning a Masters's Degree in Engineering Construction Management from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He is also a State Licensed Commercial General Contractor, a Project Management Professional (PMP), and owner of Prescott Contracting. He and his wife, Dawn, have two children, a girl named Chloe and a son, Clinton Woods, Jr.

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