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“Since I began serving, the most common concerns and complaints I have received are speeding and littering throughout our neighborhoods and communities. Speeding is a major public safety concern and something that I am constantly working to identify effective solutions,” Councilor Clinton Woods said.

An Automated Photographic Speeding Enforcement System is defined as a camera system designed and installed to work in conjunction with an electrically operated speed detection device and synchronized to automatically record digital imaging of a motor vehicle while speeding. Before the automated speed enforcement cameras could be installed, a study must be conducted to determine the best potential locations for each camera. Cities that have installed automated speed enforcement cameras have seen reductions in the number of accidents and traffic fatalities. In Chicago, IL reported a 31% decline in speeding vehicles and in Portland, OR, reported a 53% reduction in fatalities since program inception. “I believe that installing cameras in a community without feedback and consent of the community is a disservice to our constituents." 

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